Is it lunch? Is it happy hour? Is it okay if I want to just sit and drink alone?

These are all questions that may be swirling through your head as you see blurbs and announcements about mamnoon's new "Drink Service." But, really, the semantics don't matter that much - the takeaway is that we're expanding our services during what is typically the afternoon lull and you should get really excited about that.

We've coined it Drink Service in homage to the tea and coffee experience that is a staple of Middle Eastern hospitality. While it's not a happy hour per se, we've got banging deals on drinks (both boozy and boring), food, and plates of delicious off-menu treats that come gratis with drinks. House-roasted nuts, Iranian pickled vegetables, a confection or two... think tapas-style: order a drink and you get a little sweet or savory nibble so you don't get sloshed on our community table.

We're just trying to spread the love a little farther. Drink Service is conducted in the front of the restaurant at our community table to facilitate socialization and is a tribute of sorts to the warmth of Middle Eastern dining. We're trying to create a casual environment for friends to come in and enjoy the mamnoon energy with a tasty drink and delicious food.

So stop by between 2:30 and 5:30 Tuesday- Sunday to see what the buzz is about. And maybe get one of your own.