Below you'll find the 1st and 2nd place winners for all 11 our of specialty cocktails.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and for all the creative outpouring!

No. 1
1st place: SXSE
2nd place: High West Drifter

No. 2
1st place: Desert Rose
2nd place: Marianne

No. 3
1st place: Mamnoon Mule
2nd place: Kickin’ Kabul

No. 4
1st place: Mighty Aphrodite
2nd place: Sassie Lassie

No. 5
1st place: Old Beirut
2nd place: Figgin’ A,

No. 6
1st place: Mediterranean Crossing
2nd place: Levantine Elixir

No. 7
1st place: The French Rind
2nd place: Gin(ie) in a Bottle

No. 8
1st place: Mid East Algonquin
2nd place: Chic Sheik

No. 9
1st place: Night Owl
2nd place: Turkish Sunrise

No. 10
1st place: Habibti
2nd place: Persephone Rising

No. 11
1st place: Sheherazad’s Fire
2nd place: The Devil’s Wife