They do more than provide some intimacy and sound-buffering in our lounge: the laser cut poplar wood screens built for us by Seattle’s immensely talented graypants studios are an integral part of the aesthetic and flow of our restaurant. Mashrabiya are latticed wood screens that are a common fixture in Middle Eastern homes and are designed for a combination of shade, privacy, and air circulation. Our screens take elements of the traditional mashrabiya and add a Northwest flair-- the varying levels of opacity created by the star cut-outs were inspired by the patterns of light and shadows in a forest of trees. The wooden screens are a beautiful embodiment of the balance between old and new world, tradition and innovation, and beauty and function found at mamnoon.

Fun fact: the leftover cut-outs from the screens are used as holders for specials and announcements on table throughout the restaurant.

Check out graypant’s website for more images of the screens and details on other awesome projects they have going on.