At the end of every meal at mamnoon, we serve all our guests a small carafe of Café Blanc or “white coffee” to cap off their meal and facilitate digestion. Known was “Ahweh Bayda” in Arabic, Café Blanc is made with orange blossom extract and hot water and is sometimes sweetened with sugar or honey. Café Blanc is thought to have originated in Lebanon and is traditionally served after meals as a digestif and offered as a sign of hospitality at special occasions and gatherings all over the Arab world. Naturally caffeine and alcohol free, Café Blanc is also said to soothe the nerves and aid with stomach aches. Many Middle Eastern mothers will also give their colicky babies a small amount of orange blossom extract with water.

When making Café Blanc at home, remember that a little bit goes a long way. We like ours alongside a sweet little treat like nokhochi or baklawa.

Café Blanc

  • 2 cups hot water
  • 1 t. orange blossom extract
  • sugar or honey to taste (optional)