Go Hawks!
The hawks making the superbowl, again, is one of the good reasons for us to close our dinner service. We are so proud of the team and want to root for them all the way. As a result we will be closing at 2:30 pm on Sunday Feb 1st and then.

If you are not lucky to be there in person, we can help you have the very best seahawks party at home. check out this incredible take home or delivery menu and put your orders in soon - we don't want you to miss out on shish taouk "hawk" wings. These are chicken wings marinated in our famous shish taouk marinade served in a bucket with a selection of our best dips.

This meal will set a new high bar for superbowl party food and make you the most seahawk of hosts.

Please put your orders in early by calling in at 206 906 9606 and ask for the superbowl special and what time you will be picking up. Delivery is also available via mamnoon delivery


ps. we will be ordering a couple for a party we're crashing :)