Two junoons into our newly launched Monday night series and we are off to a rocking start! Mamnoon junoon was hatched as a way to bust outside the box and serve as a creative and fun way to explore aspects of the food and culture of the levant that we may not fit inside the repertoire of our normal dinner service.

Our kickoff junoon event was a six course Moroccan feast that highlighted many of the dishes owner Wassef Haroun and sous chef Sean Dominoski discovered on a trip to Morocco last year. As mamnoon is a Syrian, Lebanese, and Persian restaurant, this junoon was a great chance to experiment with the food of a country that, while geographically close, is really pretty different than the flavors our kitchen usually employs. Some of the highlights from the menu were the merguez (harissa and lamb sausage), seven vegetable tajine with hand-rolled couscous, and a savory goat cheese and herb pastry.

Mehdi Boujrada, Azmi Haroun, and Sean Dominoski getting down on some lunch in Morocco.

We went in a totally different direction for the next month’s junoon, this time choosing to focus on engaging more than just your taste buds. MamnoonTV explored the videos and images of the levant in a rethinking of a night at the theater. We had projection screens set up throughout the restaurant playing clips from various Arabic TV show and music videos, and the entertainment was paired with theater-style snacks: jibneh nachos, za’atar popcorn, kefta sliders, and sujuk hot dogs.

Sujuk hotdog with torschi relish.

If you have suggestions for creative, entertaining, or simply delicious events, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line on the blog or on our Facebook page.