The civil war in Syria is in its 5th year and has taken an immense toll on the lives of everyday people there.  The extreme situation, there and elsewhere in the Middle East, weighs heavily on our hearts and minds.  mamnoon has successfully corralled the community in Seattle to support several charitable activities to help with this dire situation.  Unfortunately, today millions do not have access to basics like bread and clean drinking water.  This heartbreaking truth reminds us how lucky we are to live in a place that we do have access to those things and so much more.

mamnoon is a beacon for modern middle eastern hospitality, and for years we’ve welcomed you with our fresh bread and our exclusive za’atar imported from the region – the very best of what our culture can provide.  While we still believe in providing this level of hospitality, we can no longer justify giving bread away when so many can’t get it at all.  Another impact of the chaos in the region is that our spices and exclusive za'atar have become very difficult to import.  Under the circumstances we are changing the way that we are approaching our bread service. 

Starting on Monday November 21st, we will no longer offer our barbari bread to start our meals.  We will continue to offer our incredible, freshly baked pita with your meal, but will move the za'atar and olive oil to our menu at a nominal charge.  We are going to continue to provide the highest quality spices and flavors, and our hope is that everyone will enjoy these offerings with an awareness of the deep connection to a region that is experiencing a shortage of basics, like bread, that we are so lucky to have.

Our mission is to bridge cultures, and it is sometimes through seemingly very small gestures that this bridge is crossed.  If you are moved to do so, we always have ways of donating to charities that have shown their commitment to efficient humanitarian work, and we are happy to connect you to them.  Several times throughout the year we host fundraisers, and currently we have retail items available that support charities that we have vetted.  Our hope is that our daily work in creating food and flavor experiences, that link us to cultures that are far from Seattle, generates an understanding of the humanity that we all share. 

mamnoon to you.