Art at mamnoon

Our collection has grown! We are excited to feature two pieces from Los Angeles artists Davis and Davis from their "Little Talents" collection. "Tattoo Baby" and "Whirly Girl" are photographs that employ a rich color palette while using found materials to create images that are both aesthetically pleasing and mentally perplexing. In "Whirly Girl," the doll is depicted as literally having the world on a string, while "Tattoo Baby" shows a swaddled figurine covered in henna designs. Needless to say, these pieces leave much up to the imagination.

For me, "Whirly Girl" is particularly striking, because of its highly-charged duality. As part of a generation who feels like they are entitled to the world, my first read was that the artists' intentions were to convey that this notion of global possessiveness is a truly epic farce, begging to be mocked. However, in light of the mission of mamnoon, an entirely different message can be begged. By placing the entire world within the grasp of this tiny girl, every corner of the globe is accessible for us to explore, embrace and taste. Ultimately, interpretation is a choice, and I am going to choose the positive.

As far as "Tattoo Baby" goes, I would love to think that the artists were depicting the next generation of Capitol Hill hipsters, but something tells me I am a little off in that. The image of a blonde-haired baby covered in tattoos is highly imaginative, unique and totally unheard of. Seeing it for the first time brought back memories of my first dining experience at mamnoon, that "Holy H*&!" moment of culinary bliss that comes with trying a dish that blends two things together to create a union that you never would have even considered before. Mamnoon is filled with all of these juicy combinations, from the food on the plates to the art on the walls, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Come check them out, they can be found deep in the main dining hall, right next the glass kitchen wall. We'd love to hear your interpretation.