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Soup for Syria Fundraiser, Thursday October 22, 2015

Dominating the news from around the world, we are troubled by the plight of Syrian refugees fleeing their country in massive numbers- taking little to nothing of their home and possessions and striving to find a country in which to build a better life.
On Thursday, October 22nd, we will partner with local retailer, Elliot Bay Book Company, to organize a fundraising event in the restaurant with 100% of the money designated toward 3 organizations: Mercy Corps, Medecins Sans Frontières and Karam Foundation. We hope that you will come out to support them.

Inspired by the cookbook, Soup for Syria, from Lebanese author, Barbara Massaad, Chef Jason Stratton has enlisted support from Seattle’s culinary community.

In the dining room, Jason and friends will construct a fantastic, multi-course dinner with beverage pairings. The dinner will include a copy of Barbara’s book. The cost of the dinner is $250 per person (+ tax and gratuity).

Half-dozen chefs will contribute a soup for an all-you-can-eat, Soup, Bread and Beverage for $35, available at the communal table and Mamnoon Street. Seating will be on a first come, first served basis.
{Please note that these will be the only menus offered on that evening.}

plan to come in for the soup or reserve now by calling (206) 906 9606 or emailing



mamnoon in the news

By now, we hope that you’ve read the news that Chef Jason Stratton, formerly of Spinasse and Artusi, has come on board to lead the kitchen and front of house at mamnoon. He has also brought on talented pastry chef, Carrie Mashaney to join him, along with Executive Sous Chef, David Gurewitz. Needless to say, we’re delighted to have them leading our culinary team.

Additionally, you may have seen that we are expanding mamnoon’s experience to South Lake Union. We are really excited about these projects and we’ll make sure that you’ll be the first to get the full scoop just as soon as possible. We think you’ll be delighted with these new food and beverage options.


J. Hofstatter Wine Dinner

Join us as we welcome Martin Foradori of J. Hofstatter Estates for a beautifully paired six-course wine dinner on Monday, July 20th. Further details to follow! Contact us today to save your spot... They'll go fast!


mamnoonee of the minute: Elad

Community is everything at mamnoon. And it all starts with our staff.

Setting the precedent for hard work and flexibility at mamnoon, Elad wears the many hats of a bartender, server and mamnoon Street "Window Dude." Out of breath? Me too. Elad is there to help with whatever, whenever and wherever. His unparalleled sense of work ethic and unbreakable "can-do" attitude help keep mamnoon ticking.

Outside of mamnoon, you can find Elad engrossed in his art. Specializing in typography and street art, Elad's pieces capture life in brilliant color.

Whatever palette he's perfecting, be that color tones or quinoa tabbouleh, Elad can always be counted on to give us his best, smiling all the way.

mamnoon to you, Elad!


Art at mamnoon

Art at mamnoon

Our collection has grown! We are excited to feature two pieces from Los Angeles artists Davis and Davis from their "Little Talents" collection. "Tattoo Baby" and "Whirly Girl" are photographs that employ a rich color palette while using found materials to create images that are both aesthetically pleasing and mentally perplexing. In "Whirly Girl," the doll is depicted as literally having the world on a string, while "Tattoo Baby" shows a swaddled figurine covered in henna designs. Needless to say, these pieces leave much up to the imagination.

For me, "Whirly Girl" is particularly striking, because of its highly-charged duality. As part of a generation who feels like they are entitled to the world, my first read was that the artists' intentions were to convey that this notion of global possessiveness is a truly epic farce, begging to be mocked. However, in light of the mission of mamnoon, an entirely different message can be begged. By placing the entire world within the grasp of this tiny girl, every corner of the globe is accessible for us to explore, embrace and taste. Ultimately, interpretation is a choice, and I am going to choose the positive.

As far as "Tattoo Baby" goes, I would love to think that the artists were depicting the next generation of Capitol Hill hipsters, but something tells me I am a little off in that. The image of a blonde-haired baby covered in tattoos is highly imaginative, unique and totally unheard of. Seeing it for the first time brought back memories of my first dining experience at mamnoon, that "Holy H*&!" moment of culinary bliss that comes with trying a dish that blends two things together to create a union that you never would have even considered before. Mamnoon is filled with all of these juicy combinations, from the food on the plates to the art on the walls, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Come check them out, they can be found deep in the main dining hall, right next the glass kitchen wall. We'd love to hear your interpretation.


Art at mamnoon

Art manifests itself in many ways at mamnoon, in the food, in the music and in the art. Our most prominent piece, an installation of thirty fiberglass chickens, hangs over the dining room. "Simorgh" is the work of Persian sculptor Nastaran Safaei. Maintaining an air of playfulness and levity, the artist has instilled a double meaning in "Simorgh." It derives its influence primarily from the character of the same name in Farid al-Din Attar's twelfth-century poem "The Conference of the Birds," which follows a flock as they travel through the many valleys of life as they search for illustrious King of the Birds. Safaei plays on the name further: Separately, the syllables of "Simorgh" translate to thirty ('si') birds ('morgh').

Safaei's "Simorgh" adds an air of mysticism and tradition to the atmosphere at mamnoon, acting simultaneously as compliment and juxtaposition to mamnoon's collection, which includes Hassan Hajjaj'sYa Amina, a colorful portrait of a strong and brightly-dressed young woman. Unafraid of breaking boundaries, Hajjaj employs a boundless color palette and wide-reaching use of mediums to create portraits that both embody and empower the people of his native Morocco.


mamnoon junoon feb 2nd

After a few month's hiatus for the holidays, mamnoon junoon is back for monday feb 2nd dinner!

While the holidays were a great busy period for us here, it was also an unbelievably terrible period for Syrian refugees. The numbers are increasing, the living conditions are getting harder and most of the levant/turkey was hit with one of the worst winters on record. 

One of mamnoon's goals is to connect you with the people and cultures of the Levant in positive, compassionate and delicious ways. we have always had an active charity component via our giving to UNHCR (over $25K to date).  In addition many of you have asked throughout our existence how to help in direct ways, beyond donating through our Khobz for Syria, Mukassarat, or "mamnoon special" GlassyBaby.  We did some research and  decided to focus this junoon and the charity effort where we can all make the most impact. 

We will be offering the net proceeds from the night to the Malki-SCM Children Center. This great effort is made possible by the local Salaam Cultural Museum organization.  They have created a few "normal" safe zones with basic schooling, play and art therapy for refugee Syrian children in Jordan. The need is immense and every cent raised here goes directly to the centers.  We could not think of a better, more effective way to help those in most need, with the the most future.

We need you to make it a huge night.

Our famous Chelow Kebab will make a comeback as well as a special off-menu dessert. in addition we’ll have live classical Arabic Oud music courtesy of Stephen Elaimy, House of Tarab.

Please reserve and share, this will be a great way to enjoy a mamnoon feast while doing good. hope to see you here

mamnoon team


mamnoon superbowl meal @ home

Go Hawks!
The hawks making the superbowl, again, is one of the good reasons for us to close our dinner service. We are so proud of the team and want to root for them all the way. As a result we will be closing at 2:30 pm on Sunday Feb 1st and then.

If you are not lucky to be there in person, we can help you have the very best seahawks party at home. check out this incredible take home or delivery menu and put your orders in soon - we don't want you to miss out on shish taouk "hawk" wings. These are chicken wings marinated in our famous shish taouk marinade served in a bucket with a selection of our best dips.

This meal will set a new high bar for superbowl party food and make you the most seahawk of hosts.

Please put your orders in early by calling in at 206 906 9606 and ask for the superbowl special and what time you will be picking up. Delivery is also available via mamnoon delivery


ps. we will be ordering a couple for a party we're crashing :)


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