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Last but not least - the Mamnoon No. 11!

The Mamnoon No. 11 is not a cocktail for the faint of heart. We've got plenty of drinks that will please just about anyone with a tongue, but this is a drink order for those who like a little bit of risk. This spice bomb is made with vodka, apricot liqueur and lime juice - then topped with a few hearty squirts of fresno pepper extract. A beautiful way to open up your palate before a meal, the No. 11 will make your mouth-and eyes-water.


The Mamnoon No. 10!

If you're lookin' to add a little romance to your evening, the Mamnoon No. 10 is the cocktail for you. We originally had this brut prosecco, pomegranate syrup and rose water concoction as a Valentine's Day special, but it was such a hit we had to add it on full time. Subtly sweet and refreshing, this bubbling beauty is perfect for champagne lovers who like a little adventure.


Ain't it fine, the No. 9

The Mamnoon No. 9 is a cocktail, pick-me-up and dessert all rolled into one scrumptious little dollop of drink and this mixology masterpiece deserves a name that conjures the same je ne sais pas as the drink itself. Our master bartender starts with fresh Turkish Coffee (espresso with cardamom) and adds a healthy dose of vodka. He could stop right there. But instead he adds walnut liqueur, coffee liqueur and chocolate bitters and shakes the hell out of it. The result is the beautifully frothy, perfectly drinkable No. 9 that leaves you blissfully buzzed in so many ways.


And now the Mamnoon No. 8!

The Mamnoon No. 8 is a deceptive little number--just because it looks pretty and you may have to stick out your pinky when you drink it, this guy still packs a lot of punch. Made with bourbon, pomegranate grenadine and grapefruit juice, this is a cocktail for those who balk at the word "cocktail." Deliciously tart with a hint of sweetness, the No. 8 will convert even the most steadfast beer drinkers in the group.


A Little Slice of Heaven

The Mamnoon No. 7 is as refreshing as it is easy to drink. Not sure what to order? The No. 7 is sure to please even the pickiest palates. Made with gin and moscato wine and floated with grapefruit liqueur, this effervescent cocktail is packed with punch.


And now.. the Mamnoon No. 6!

The Mamnoon No.6 is a delicious symphony of delicate passionfruit syrup and bitingly bitter Aperol. Throw in a healthy glug of vodka and a spritz of Arrack (a traditional Middle Eastern anise-flavored liqueur) this bittersweet fruit bomb will leave you thirsting for more.


The moment you've been waiting for.. the No. 5!

The No. 5 is a Mamnoon favorite! Our most popular drink deserves a name that lives up to it's well-earned reputation. This little daddy is a sipping cocktail made with Johnny Drum Bourbon, walnut liqueur and bitters. Perfectly fruity and nutty--but not too sweet--the No. 5 is ideal for Manhattan lovers looking to add a little excitement to their routine.


Want some more? It's the No. 4!

Those bold enough to try the Mamnoon No. 4 are rewarded with a smooth, uniquely fresh and almost tropical experience. This flirty little number has a greek yogurt base--intrigued yet?--and is made with Swedish Punsch (an aromatic and spicy sugar-cane spirit,) cherry liqueur and orange flower water. It's fruity and fun and will surprise even the most well-versed palates!


The Mamnoon No. 3!

This super refreshing, easy-to-drink little number is like a Moscow Mule with a twist. It's made with Kummel, a caraway and fennel liqueur. It's mixed with lime and ginger beer and sprinkled with curry powder.


Next Up: the Mamnoon No. 2!

The angelic-looking Mamnoon No. 2 is a drink to get the party started. This margherita-all-grown-up is made with blanco tequila, Salers Aperitif (boldly bitter with a touch of sweetness) and grapefruit liqueur. Bright and refreshing, we dare ya to have just one.


Let's kick it off with the Mamnoon No.1!

Let's start off the naming game with one for the whiskey lovers. Mamnoon No. 1 is a sipping cocktail with oat whiskey, coffee liqueur and cardamom bitters. Come in and try one to get those gears turning. Submit your ideas in the comment section!


Cocktail Naming Contest!

Start prepping your palates!

Mamnoon is hosting a Cocktail Naming Contest to name our drinks #1-11 and we need your help coming up with the most appropriate, creative or outlandish titles.

The contest runs from December 1- December 31st and we'll be accepting submissions on all cocktails throughout the month. Make sure you check back periodically as we'll be releasing preparation and ingredient details for each cocktail that will help in the naming process.

Submissions are limited to one per person per cocktail-- so come up with something fitting for all 11 to increase your chances of winning! Did we mention there'd be prizes??

The first place name that is chosen will win a $50 mamnoon gift certificate. The runner-up plus a friend will be able to enjoy a newly-minted mamnoon cocktail on us.

Submissions will be judged by a panel of mamnoon experts and winners will be announced in early January.

Submit your names in the comment section of the blog, via Facebook or Twitter or come into the restaurant to fill out a paper submission form.

Stop by today to sample the cocktails and let the creative juices flow!


Welcome and Mamnoon!

Hi there and welcome to the blog for mamnoon restaurant!

We'll be using this blog as a place to showcase everything mamnoon so make sure to stay tuned for menu updates, photos, background stories, events, recipes, contests, and much more. We've been going full throttle in Seattle for 1 year now and we anticipate many more years to come. Check back for the background story as to how we got here and how we see it unfolding in the future. We could not have arrived here without your amazing support and for that we say, mamnoon!

As part of of our blog launch, we will be posting all the details of our upcoming cocktail naming contest which runs from Dec 1st-31st so keep an eye out for the final details (and most importantly the magnificent prizes) as the month unfolds!


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