we all need to reach out and get closer to who we love and who loves us back, more than ever. 

for this coming holiday, we have worked hard to create an unparalleled experience for you to share the love with family and friends.  please join us this valentine’s day for a very special prix fixe menu and our a la carte offerings that you love.

mamnoon to you

Valentine’s Day Tasting Menu 2017



mezze of hummus, labneh, shamandar bi tahini, baba ganoush


baked phyllo pastries filled with greens

tabbouleh shatwieh

parsley, bulgar, fennel, radish, lemon

arnabeit makli

fried cauliflower, tarrator, parsley


mahi-ye sabzi

boneless stuffed whole trout, barberries, herbs, angelica, almonds, new potatoes

dolmeh barg-e kalam

lamb stuffed cabbage, tomato, yogurt powder, dried mint


labneh cheesecake

huckleberry, caramelized white chocolate walnut croutons

tahini truffles

dark chocolate truffles, tahini swirl